fiber optics at the bottom of the oceans

fiber optics at the bottom of the oceans

augmentation of the senses

augmentation of the senses




Workshop about the future of light and learning environments for teachers and educators.

Throughout history, several types of lighting technologies have been developed. They relate to our body and environment, disrupting our emotional states, vision and spatial perception. From the most functionalist conception of light to its use as a leisure element in itself, the workshop approaches light from a political perspective that aims to relate technological advancements and social transformations, focusing on its influence on teaching and learning processes building an antidisciplinary space.

During Follow the Light, we collectively thought about the alteration, evolution and implementation of our routines in relation to light-emitting objects and, more concretely, the issue of lighting in learning environments. The scenarios studied range from public space lighting as a safety measure and an act of control, to the technological devices that arise within our contemporary ecosystems.

We discussed how the light is becoming a transmission of information as well as appearing in our spaces and creating new digital objects that we can interact with or embody through technologies like virtual, augmented and mixed reality. This premise can shape the new learning environments and create spaces outside of the standard classrooms. In doing so, the environments can encourage collective connectivity.

We made several speculative narratives about a future in which light takes a key role in our environments. We draw from our own memories and ability to affect each other and compose collective stories through storytelling. The speculative act gradually sets out exploration of the limits of our imaginaries and ultimately answer the question: what don’t we want to lose? How can we create a future of learning environments with a lot of agency when thinking about the usage of new technologies.

Workshop took place in La Casa Encendida , Madrid as a part of #AULO intervention created by Pedagogías Invisibles.

“ #AULO is an ecofeminist learning space born as a research generated around the creation of alternative contexts to the traditional classroom, proposing a spatial structure that aims to promote the historical project of links to the neoliberal project of things.”

Project completed by Berta Gurtiérrez and Monika Seyfried.

Graphic design: Berta Gurtiérrez