And all the streaming services are really convenient, but only a small amount of money actually reaches the artists you appreciate so much. We wanted to bring some awareness to this issue with our project and with this in mind we envisioned Fair Speaker, a speaker that allows you to donate money to artists while you listen to music. For instance, Spotify pays around 0.0003$/min to the artist. This means that for them to get 1$, you’d have to listen to their music for 55,5 hours. If you don’t think that’s fair, you can set your own rate.

Plug in the Fair Speaker, and start listening. You then set how much you want to donate the artist, compared to how much the usual streaming services pay them. The speaker keeps track of how long you’ve been listening and how much money you’re donating. The system is powered by a Genuino MKR-1000, which is also used to connect wirelessly to the PayPal API, used to send your donation.

When you’re done just press Pay and the money is sent to the Fair Speaker service, that then distributes it to the artists you selected when signing up.

Project team: Nicolas Armand, Ines Araujo, Mette Mørch, Monika Seyfried.

Project was developed during the CIID Interaction Design Couse

My role in the project: concept development, building physical interface, assisted with electronics and programming

This project was featured on Arduino Blog, read here